Features and Benefits

  • Rayovac Lasts as Long as Energizer Max, but costs less!
  • Rayovac offers More Power For Your Money
  • Proudly made in the United States!
  • Guaranteed fresh for 10 years
  • Best used before date on battery
  • Mercury Free formula
SKU: 813BULK-D Category:


Everyday Power!

Model: 813 BULK

Product Specifications

Unit/Package UPC 012800174676
Unit/Package Dimensions (in., lwh) 0.000 X 0.000 X 0.000
Unit/Package Quantity 1
Unit/Package Weight (lb.) 0.330
Case UPC 20012800174670
Case Dimensions (in., lwh) 13.875 X 13.625 X 3.250
Case Quantity 105
Case Weight (lb.) 34.650
Case Volume (cu. ft.) 0.290
Ti x Hi = (Cases per Pallet) 9 x 7 = 63


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