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Thank you for visiting Supply Box. We currently offer a wide range of wholesale supplies for retail or commercial use. Supply Box also currently partners with manufactures to assist with production management and also helps to facilitate designs services across a wide spectrum. If you are looking to expand your product line through our supply chain and markets please contact us.
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Rayovac Is leading the Industry in portable power technology!

Rayovac is leading the industry in portable power technology. Made in the USA and providing quality and cost effective resources for all your needs. Supply Box is proud to distribute the Rayovac brand.

The 2000 lumen Beast Flashlight by Rayovac Available Today!

Are you tired of struggling with the traditional flashlight when you can't really see what your doing in the dark? No more worries with The beast! It is a high quality battery powered flashlight you can use in any situation, It has 3 modes Super Bright, Bright and Strobe and also available in the USB rechargeable model. 1 full re-charge equals to 54 AAA Batteries WOW now that is quality. Please see the marketing video below.

M-Tech Knives made of quality materials and built to last.

M-Tech Knives are built with quality materials and are a great starter knife or expert knife. We have a wide selection of various knifes please contact us for items that you may have seen online we might be able to also get them and save some money. Our goal is to give our customers great satisfaction.

Lakeside Plastics Inc. is one a world leader in manufacturing quality traffic safety devices.

Lakeside Plastics, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing of traffic safety cones, traffic management barrels and channelizers. While Producing there products in America they have kept the same quality while being cost efficient in a demanding industry.